Kate Winslet on Lindsay Lohan Rivalry: "I'm Not Gonna Go There"

Mildred Pierce winner Kate Winslet declines comment on fellow Liz lover Lindsay Lohan

By Ted Casablanca Jan 16, 2012 4:16 AMTags
Kate Winslet, Golden GlobesPaul Drinkwater/NBC

Those Brits are feisty tonight! When Mildred Pierce winner Kate Winslet came backstage, she had a very, very unusual response when I asked if she was still into playing the fabulous, late Liz Taylor on film!

You know, just like Lindsay Lohan just confessed she wanted to, too!

"I'm not gonna go there, dude!" Kate, ravishing in white bangles, declared emphatically, yet with a huge smile.

Kate added she "didn't even know" Lohan had said she wanted to play the world's most famous movie star. But that it would be a "hugely challenging" to play Taylor.

But, when asked specifically how she thought La Lohan would do, should the Long Island star beat Kate to the diva punch, Winslet replied—again, beaming beautifully, "I have to decline to comment."

Just like classy Elizabeth herself would dodge! Tellin ya this babe is born to play Taylor!