Welcome to Hollywood!

There's no guarantee that all will go as according to plan when walking along the Golden Globes red carpet. Just ask Modern Family's Sarah Hyland...

Hyland was getting ready to an interview with E!'s very own Giuliana Rancic when suddenly, the zipper on the back of her dress decided to break. Whoops!

"Well I was just standing there waiting to come up here, and I just kinda felt like an explosion in my back," she told E! "And I was kinda just like, 'what happened!' And I felt my back and I felt bare back."

Luckily, she was able to grab her dress before it slipped off and a team was ready (with G's sewing kit in hand) to replace and fix the damage so no one could even tell that there was ever a bust (except that we have it all on camera).

Don't worry, Sarah. Our little secret.

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