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Well, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie certainly had the Golden Globes glamour thing down.

As if there was any doubt!

But were the superstar couple, both of them nominees for a change, in a chatty move? Jolie's icy white Versace gown with red accents almost made her look too majestic to be human, and Pitt is still nursing that nagging MCL injury that requires him to tote a cane around...

But of course they stopped to do their sacred duty on the red carpet—or else risk being the object of much what's-with-them derision.

A Salvatore Farragamo-tuxedoed Pitt pulled up lame to E!'s Ryan Seacrest first, explaining that his partner in criminal hotness got "stuck in the barrage of cameras."

But Jolie wasn't gone for long, and then Seacrest was able to congratulate both on their achievements in one fell swoop.

"It's certainly nice [to both be nominated]," Pitt, who had journalists' hearts aflutter when he was spotted opening the car door for Jolie upon their arrival.

"I know how hard she worked ont his film...I certainly know how hard I worked. It's nice when everything comes together, nad people work so hard on these films and for them to be understood and accepted this way, it's a golden night for us."

Jolie, as the director of In the Land of Blood and Honey, maintained a rather serious demeanor, saying she was more concerned about the people of Bosnia's reaction to her film than American audiences.

"I was nervous about people in Bosnia seeing it who survived war and rape," she said, rather intensely for a typical red-carpet convo.

But, you could sense how proud she was of her achievement—and why shouldn't she be?!

"It's a very difficult subject matter, it's done in a foreign language, and with people nobody knows," she explained. "These are difficult times and people don't often want to watch difficult movies in difficult times, but it's important to revisit this history no matter, so we pushed forward and made it."

And by jove, she and Pitt looked great tonight.

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