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Call it the picture worth a thousand words. 

Fresh off their win at the Critics' Choice Awards and the Golden Globes, it's safe to say the entire cast of The Artist is still buzzing with excitement. 

And since critics are now calling the French film the front runner for the Oscars, we had to ask members of the cast whether they're expecting a win. 

Hey, it may be a silent film, but Adria Tennor and Ken Davitian didn't have any trouble gettin' chatty, and let's just say  these two can't wait to take home that precious gold statue.

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Ms. Adria sang a humble tune when we grilled her on the Globes at the Pre-Golden Globe event by Screen International Magazine & Silverspoon Lifestyle Friday night, but she quickly upped her confidence factor when we mentioned the big O. 

"It's definitely a possibility; if I had some money I would bet on that. I mean I think we have a really great, great shot. It's a beautiful movie," she gushed. 

And we totally agree! After all, Critics' Choice sets the stage for the remainder of awards season, and after nailing four awards last Thursday night and bringing home the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture for Musical or Comedy, things are looking good for the French flick.  

But Adria's not the only one expecting a win, Ken Davitian also offered his take with an overflow of excitement:

"I have sentimental favorites like Drive and Moneyball…but I have to pray for our French film," he admitted when we asked for his Oscar pick for Best Picture. 

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And kudos to these two for 'fessing up their thoughts—the film's phenomenal, and we love that they're not afraid to say it. Not only is it a beautiful love story, but it's brought back the old-school cinematography experience—totally Oscar-worthy in our eyes--and if last night's any indication, these two can definitely up their ante. 

As for why it's been so popular? Ken offered his hilarious take:

"Because nobody had to listen," he deadpanned, before adding, "But you had to watch!"

Humor aside, Ken continued, explaining the value of a simple flick, without all the sexed-up drama and violence we're used to seeing: 

"Everyone told me that it was so happy…So that's really cool, no blood, no killing, no naked people, no nothing." 

And Adria echoed the same sentiment:

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"When you tell a story from your heart you don't need sex and violence," she explained. 

And while Ken and Adria couldn't stop gushing over how proud they are to be a part of the movie, it's apparent both are holding out for that big Oscar win. 

From Critics' Choice to the Golden Globes, the next likely stop is most definitely the Oscars. 

So what say you Awful readers? Can this silent film continue on it's H'wood winning streak? 

Sound off below! 

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