Fresh off his Broadway stint in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Daniel Radcliffe hit the Saturday Night Live stage to host the late night laugher for the first time.

"It is so great to be here hosting Saturday Night Live," the Harry Potter star said. "When I agreed to host SNL one of the biggest questions I had was how much should we do with Harry Potter, taking into account that over the years there have been multiple Harry Potter sketches on the show," Radcliffe said. "So I said if at all possible, let's not do one. No one wants to see Dumbledore working at Harry Pottery Barn (Dumbledore walks on stage, then walks off in disappointment). And if we can, let's not do Harry Pothead (Harry Pothead walks out, and walks away with a shrug)."

So, did Radcliffe join the likes of Rachel Dratch and Hugh Jackman and play himself in a Harry Potter sketch? 

Of course he did!

In "Harry Potter Epilogue," Radcliffe gave us a glimpse into what Harry Potter will be doing in 2020 (basically he can't stop coming to Hogwarts castle and he can't move on).

"Hello, did someone say legend?," Radcliffe (back in his Harry Potter gear) said as a group of students were led on a tour through Hogwarts. "That's right. The boy who lived! In the flesh. Congratulations to all of you on being accepted to Hogwarts. These are going to be the best days of your lives…honestly. The best."

"So, is he who must not be named giving you any trouble?," Radcliffe went on. "Oh, yeah! That's right I killed him! Just eliminated all evil all over the world. You're welcome. I did that when I was 18. And just yesterday, this is equally as exciting, yesterday, I bought a Volvo."

Radcliffe went on to play the "shockingly unfamous" Brad Lewis on the talk show "You Can Do Anything," in which untalented guests who have no self awareness show off their not particularly talented talents. Lewis' bit, for example, was the combination of Irish dancing and Chinese calligraphy. "I tried and therefore no one should criticize me," Radcliffe said after doing a jig and writing on an easel at the same time.

And as Kristen Wiig reprised her role of Target Lady, Radcliffe sported a mullet ponytail wig and ripped off his shirt to reveal the muscle mass he's gained by lifting heavy boxes. "Pow! (Radcliffe said to the Target Lady as he pulled open his shirt) I was really hoping you noticed." And although he gulped "Pec Blast" as well to bulk up and impress the Target Lady, only his oddball boss (Bill Hader) gave him some creepy, unwanted attention. 

And there was more.

The actor went on to play a Republican voter pummeled with questions as he exited a polling place, smooched a few grimy "hobos"in an unlucky game of Spin the Bottle, and impersonated Casey Anthony's recently adopted Yorkshire Terrier.

Lana Del Rey was also on the show to perform "Video Games" and "Blue Jean," and received a ton of criticism of the Twitterverse from the likes of Juliette Lewis and Eliza Dushku,  who tweeted "Who…is…this wack-a-doodle chick performing on #SNL…?"

So, how did Radcliffe do? Did he bring the magic to SNL, or did his hosting stint fall flat? Sound off in the comments.

(NBC's Saturday Night Live and E! are part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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