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A house divided cannot stand...especially when it's a Kardashian house.

This week on Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian Odom finally resolve their fight from a few episodes back, when Kim sent Khloé a nasty email. Also, Kim finally reveals that she's "unhappy" in her marriage to Kris Humphries and doesn't know what to do about it. Plus, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick attempt to work on their sleeping arrangement. 

So what led to Kim admitting that she rushed into matrimony? 

Kim is back from Dubai and feeling confused about her marriage. On top of that, she's forced to confront her fight with Khloé after she called her an "ugly evil little troll." Kim says,  "I just feel like I have so much going on that I have enough to deal with without having to revisit all of this Khloé drama." While out to dinner with Jonathan Cheban, Kim avoids talking about her problems with Kris and brings up her ongoing fight with Khloé. Jonathan asks, "Do you miss her?" While Kim says yes, she doesn't want to bow down in this fight and apologize. 

When all the sisters are together, Kim decides to offer up an apology that's not exactly sincere: "We're fighting over nothing. If I said something that's offensive, I'm sorry. Accept the apology or don't." Khloé doesn't...and says she thinks something else is bothering Kim. Later, Scott decides to try to talk to Kim, telling her she's acting like "a diva." Things get even worse when Kim tells Khloé she believes she acts "shady," and Scott decides he needs to pull a Khloé and intervene. 

Scott attempts to talk to Kim, saying, "I feel like you're in a full-blown family feud," to which Kim says, "I don't care." Scott points out that she has no time for her family and friends, telling her she needs to chill out and enjoy her life. "She's taking out all of her aggression on everyone else," he says. "I'm totally good, that's what you guys don't get," Kim says, adding her attitude toward everything in life has changed. 

During all the Khloé drama, Kim is trying to deal with the issues in her marriage. Kris and Kim argue over his messiness and her "neat freak" tendencies. Kris purposefully leaves things out to annoy her, which Kourtney describes as a constant "power struggle." While Kim is trying to organize his closet, Kris asks, "Does it make it hard for you to love me?" Kim doesn't answer and complains about Kris leaving all the shoe boxes on the floor. 

At dinner with Scott and Kourtney, Kim and Kris are clearly not on the same page. Kourtney says it's "awkward to be around them" and Kim complains about Kris' behavior. After another heated conversation with her sisters, Kim turns to Kris for support. Unfortunately, she can't really talk to him about it, as he says he "hates" Khloé and tells her he could care less about the fight. "Here's my advice: you're sisters. It'll be fine. Give it a week," he tells her and Kim says she feels like she has no one to talk to. 

All of this leads to "the talk" between Kim and Khloé. "It's been really tough to keep these feelings in," Kim says before sitting down with Khloé to admit she's "unhappy" with her life and her marriage. She tells her sister that she thinks she rushed into her marriage and is embarrassed that she fell for the "fairy tale." Khloé responds that it's normal to fight in a relationship and forgives her for her mean behavior. When Khloé asks is she thinks moving to L.A. will change anything, Kim says it probably won't. 

As for the other couple, Scott and Kourtney were still trying to work on their sleeping arrangement. Of the problem, Scott says, "I'm not a good sleeper, I never have been. All I want to do is be back in bed with them, so I'm going to try." In the middle of the night, Scott heads back to his room, where Khloé is staying. Scott ends up sleeping on the couch, saying, "I won't tell Lamar [Odom] if you won't." 

"I thought things were going to get better with Kourt and Scott, but they're not. This is the most ridiculous thing ever," Khloé says of the couple's sleeping arrangement. Khloé decides it's time once again to play therapist for the couple, saying, "I have to stand up and take control." Kris then walks in on Scott and Khloé talking in his room...and things get awkward.

While out to dinner with Khloe, Scott and Kourtney try and work out their issues. "Are you jealous of Mason's role in Kourtney's life?" Khloé asks, and he says yes. Kourtney says she just likes having Mason in her bed, but Scott says she's "obsessed with her son."  

Kourtney and Scott go to their therapist and decide to transition Mason out of their bed and she starts to cry. Scott admits he was scared Kourtney would resent him if Mason left their bed and they decide to let him sleep in their room for a while before having him sleep on his own. That night, Kourtney and Scott decide to give it one more try and he makes it through the night. "It's a big step. Hopefully we can do it more often," Kourtney says. 

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