Natalie Portman

Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP Images

The Golden Globes is known as the party show of awards season. It's laid-back atmosphere and unabashed embrace of risqué humor, hi Ricky Gervais, turn it into one fun-filled night where Hollywood's elite mingle, drink and, oh yeah, hand out an award or two.

So don't be surprised if your favorite A-listers let loose and drop a brow-raising quip, be it Jane Lynch joking about how she has no time for teenage fans, Natalie Portman revealing her hubby's desire for her or of course, Gervais skewering everyone in the room. But it's all in good fun, right?

Check out our list of the 15 best things ever said at the Golden Globes and relive the lighthearted revelry. And don't forget to join us this Sunday as 2011's award season officially kicks off!

GET THE LIST: The 15 Best Things Ever Said at the Golden Globes

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