Kate Gosselin


Is there really a Kate Gosselin cruise coming up? Are people seriously paying to take a cruise with Kate Gosselin?
—Chris P., via the inbox

You underestimate the power of celebrity, son. Here in my home of Los Angeles you can't swing a soy latte without knocking over a 90-pound Olsen. But elsewhere, up-close contact with stars, any stars, is huge.

In fact, you just may not believe how much families are paying to join Kate Gosselin at a private cruise BBQ...

...and it's in the three figures.

The Web site for the cruise was just launched Friday, according to Luxury Cruises and Tours, the company behind the package. And in that short window, cabins are already selling, I am told, to the tune of $1,575 to $5,500 per person.

"We are getting so many calls, so many emails," says Charlene Failla, Luxury Cruises and Tours president. She wouldn't say how many cabins have sold so far but did say that the company was pleased with the quick—and diverse—response.

"When we first put up our Web site, we were thinking we would get mostly families," Failla tells me. "But then we started getting a lot of enquiries about singles. So just yesterday afternoon we put up a single rate, and we hadn't even had that [planned]."

So how much Kate will cruisers get for their cash?

Quite a bit, including that private barbecue I mentioned (which includes a "fabulous band"); a morning brunch; a Q&A session with the reality mom; and a shore excursion with her.

Guests will even get a "personalized gift from Kate," per the site.

If all this sounds odd, it's not. Luxury Cruises and Tours is gearing up to weigh anchor on another celebrity cruise, this one with Southern-fried chef Paula Deen. According to Luxury Cruises and Tours, it's the fifth with Deen, and it's sold very well.

Will Kate be bringing the kids? Is this the start of a new career in travel? Find out more about this story in my podcast!

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