Ricky Gervais' Golden Globe Insults: "There Are No Rules," Says Awards Show Producer

Exclusive! Find out if anyone's worried about what the British funnyman might say

By Marc Malkin, Brett Malec Jan 14, 2012 4:00 PMTags
Ricky Gervais, Golden GlobesVirginia Sherwood/NBC

If last year was any indication, this Sunday's Golden Globe awards will be filled with hilarious—and some offensive—comedy from host Ricky Gervais. But that doesn't mean the show's head honchos are cracking down on the comedian this year.

"There are no rules," Dick Clark Productions' Executive Vice President of Television Barry Adelman told us earlier today. "We know what he does, and we're just as interested to see it as you are."

However, there's one Golden Globe nominee who isn't so excited for Gervais' personal jabs and jokes...

"I just think that we have to be mindful that we're always talking about human beings," The Help's Octavia Spencer recently told us. "What you think is a joke may not be a joke to the person who is the intended. Mean-spirited things are not my cup of tea."

While Spencer isn't too keen on the mean, her costar, fellow nominee Viola Davis, isn't worried about being targeted by Mr. Gervais.

"I've been on this earth 46 years, I've heard it all," Davis smiled. "There's nothing he could say. And even if he does step out of line, I have an ex-linebacker for a husband."

Golden Globe nominee Julie Bowen isn't so confident. "If he ever mentioned me, I would die," she admitted. "I would die of shame, because he is amazing and funny but everything he says is mean as hell, and that's why I love him. So I really hope I'm not on his radar. If he talks about what a tired old hag I am, I would just die."

For Jessica Alba, Gervais' jokes are all fun and games. "You kind of have to just know that he's a comedian and he's poking fun and that's it and not take it personally," she said. "We play dress up for a living, so at a certain point you can't take yourself that seriously."

What could Gervais say to make E!'s own Joel McHale upset? Well, it has nothing to do with Hollywood. "If he wanted all puppies to die, that would be horrible," McHale quipped. "I love puppies."

"First of all, he's a comedian not a head of state, so I don't think we should hold comedians to the same standard," fellow comedian Kathy Griffin dished. "Let it rip. That's how we like it."