Blind vice eSex 300

Dear Ted:
Simple question: How many Vice stars were in attendance at last night's Golden Globes? Would I need one hand or two to count them? Or maybe both hands and a foot?!

Dear BV Superstar Attendance Sheet:
You expect me to count 'em all, P?! Did you see how jam-packed with stars the Globes were? So why don't we just start with the nominations, K?! Use two hands to get the big ones—ya know, like George Clooney and Angelina Jolie and noobie Rooney Mara.

Dear Ted:
You haven't done a Blind Vice update on Fake à la Ferocity in ages, so am I to assume that she has totally cleaned herself up, is no longer on a "special diet" and has forsaken all drugs? If yes, did she do it through rehab or is she just that amazing she could stop cold turkey?

Dear Feeling Brassy:
Gal's definitely cleaned up her act, but I wouldn't say she's totally fixed up. As for her method of ditching her naughty habits, Fake may come off to the public as a no pain, no gain type of babe, but she had a little help.

Dear Ted:
Brucey Huskers has to be Derek Jeter, right? He's an athlete, he just had a high-pro breakup and you recently mentioned that Minka Kelly is both Derek's type and Jake Gyllenhaal's. Am I right?

Dear Swing and a Miss:
Not a bad guess, A, but unlike Derek, we doubt B and his former babe will be reconciling anytime soon. 

Dear Ted:
I just love The Awful Truth. Everyone seems to be focusing on Ryan Gosling, but does Eva Mendes have a Blind Vice? And if so, is it an old one or still true today? She seems naughty and haughty and a force to be reckoned with. Ryan is looking a bit henpecked to me. Am I wrong?

Dear Gaga for Gosling:
Eva is Vice-free. Sure, she's got some baggage (who doesn't?!), but Ms. Mendes is far too busy sucking face with Gosling these days to care too much about whether or not her dirty laundry is going to be aired out soon. Lucky bey-otch, eh?!

Dear Ted:
I know you've mentioned in the past that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have a shared Blind Vice. My question is: Were their mutually Vicey ways known upfront in their relationship? And if so, is that what attracted them to each other in the first place? Or did their scandalous behavior only start after they became an item? Oh, and also, any word on how their marriage is doing as of now? I know there were a lot of breakup rumors a few months ago.

Dear In That Order:
Yes, yes, no, and much better now that they've cleared some things up, thank you very much!

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