Kristina Guerrero

E! Networks

Here at E!, we often pitch story ideas which we think will resonate with our audience and that they will enjoy.  I usually pitch when it's something I really believe can make a statement or just be really fun. Yoga with a pint-size movie star or an interview with an international superstar which you wouldn't know by name but should—like Damien Bichir, star of A Better Life.

Just this last week, I pitched a set visit for the new CBS show ¡Rob! and immediately it just didn't feel right. On the one hand, I feel like I have a responsibility to bring attention to those entertainment stories that represent my people.  But I'm torn.

Do I bring attention to shows that feature Latinos in an all-too-familiar cliché and stereotypical light just because there's finally a prevalent Latino cast, which as we know doesn't happen often?  In this sense, I want attention to be paid to this show because I want to see more shows produced featuring Latinos in starring roles.

In some sense, I feel that if this show doesn't do well, it's just another chance for networks to say  "See. There isn't an audience for this." The fact is, there is an audience—a big one! It's a smart and intelligent Latino audience that just wants to see quality TV shows that represent them.

The recipe isn't "throw some Mexicans on TV and Latinos will watch it." So I take back my pitch to give attention to this show and hope that I'll be able to pitch a show I really believe in, in the near future.

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