Angelina Jolie

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Dear Ted:
You did not answer my question on the Johnny Depp break up? :) Why so mum? I am hoping it is false! Watching the Angelina Jolie video, I was a little dubious about her writing the screenplay, only because we have not heard of her as a writer before. I had a friend who sold her story to famous authors because she knew she would never get them published on her own. She received no credit, but her story was told. Could this be the case or did Jolie really sit down and write this screenplay? If she did, she just went way up in my book!

Dear Out on a Limb:
Hey, the broad just went super up in my book, too, did you see In the Land of Blood and Honey? Yes, Jolie did everything she got credit for, did you watch her explaining her film motivations on the live web chat? She's pretty convincing, not to mention passionate and honest. Love how she admitted she had a meltdown over the whole project and Brad even found her sobbing in the shower when she lost her self-conviction. Doesn't sound like a conniver to me at all.

Dear Ted:
Can't the reason for Rob Pattinson's sexy new buzz cut be that he never really liked all "the hair" attention he received during his Twilight days and now those days are moving on. He's a grown man now, and definitely looks more mature? Out with the old in with the new?

Dear Hair Apparent:
If you say so, Candey, not sure you're so far off, anyway. Remember, Rob's a lot like razor-rebels past, ie. Keanu, Brad and Britney. In other words, the independent boy says buzz off with his hair whenever he can. Love that!

Dear Ted (via Facebook):
[Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher] had a weird open marriage. It wouldn't surprise me if they patch things up and stay together. Somehow, Demi has become the opposite of what she thinks she is. She is not a strong woman. She is holding on to youth and will take crap from a younger guy to prove she's still got it.

Dear Were You There?
Unless you partied with Ashton and Demi yourself, I'd say you may not know exactly what you're talking about. And I'd like to see you hang on to a man many, many years younger than yourself and still remain strong and vibrant. Give the exhausted babe a break, already!

Dear Ted:
Matt Bomer
used to wear what looked like a wedding band on his left hand for a while. Since a few weeks ago, nothing at all anymore. So what's happening? Is he closing the door of his closet back or is he on the dating-market again?

Dear Give Up:
Matt's obviously the next George Clooney and Jake Gyllenhaal combined. Don't even try to get a real word outta that dude's mouth regarding his love life. He's made it crystal clear nothing substantial will ever be going past those beautiful lips of his.

Dear Ted:
I'm a big Kristen Stewart fan but it seems like she's changing right in front of our eyes. She's contradicting every statement she's made about not caring about fashion and not selling herself. She's taking to the media about selling a new fashion endorsement and also selling her movies while at it. Is this the new Kristen Stewart? I just find it weird. What do you think? Is Kristen going to take a new form and leave Robert Pattinson behind.

Dear K.Stewed:
Hey, I think you're taking all this fashion involvement on Kristen's part entirely the wrong way: Kristen's made it very clear she's only making fashion endorsements for companies that support "bold" choices for women. She's a regular female-empowerment agency, give her some credit!

Dear Ted:
Do you think Lea Michele and Darren Criss will couple up? It seems like there's some chemistry floating around there.

Dear Great Idea:
Sure, at some point, why the hell not? But, it certainly wouldn't be very serious or for very long. I mean, get a grip, girlfriend.

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