Did Hunger Games Stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth Diss Twilight?!

Two stars talk the famed vampire franchise versus The Hunger Games

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Jan 13, 2012 9:00 PMTags

Get ready, Jabberjays, 'cause it's just over two months until The Hunger Games hits theaters, and we could not be more excited to see the flick.

And as the countdown continues, the Twilight comparisons are in full swing: popular books, sexy stars and a mega-franchise—it's only natural, right?

But while we leave you readers to duke out the differences on our message boards, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth have a very different opinion.

Say what?! Do we sense a Twilight diss from the Hunger Games stars?

In an interview with Moviefone.com, Liam (who's looking sexy as ever) explains why those Twilight comparisons just don't fit:

"The only way it's similar to Twilight is that it does have a huge audience and a huge fan base. It's a very different story."

Well, way to knock down any comparisons, Hems, but we kinda get where you're coming from, after all, it must be a tad annoying to be compared to those fangtastic hunks when H.G. doesn't have a vamp in sight.

But don't think Liam's the only dude who feels this way, ‘cause Josh Hutcherson echoes the same sentiment:

"I'm not a huge fan of the comparisons to Twilight just because I think it's a very different world…I understand why people make the connection just because it's a popular teen book…but the story is really more about Katniss and her survival"

OK, we get it—Twilight and The Hunger Games are nothing alike, but then what's so different about the two films?

"There's definitely less romance," explains Hutcherson.

And we're not entirely disappointed. While we have mucho love for Robsten, those Breaking Dawn sex scenes turned out totally blah. Perhaps The Hunger Games will have something more exciting than some lame bed breaking action?

We seriously hope so.

What say you, Twi-hards and Jabberjays, are the comparisons totally uncalled for?

Get ready to battle it out.