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First Castiel and now Bobby?! Where do these Supernatural writers get off?

Executive producer Robert Singer answered that very question for us, plus he calmed us down by offering that both fan-favorites Castiel (Misha Collins) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) will be back! How? When? Why? Let us tell you…

We cornered Singer at the CW TCA party this week, and the first thing that came out of our mouths (after "hello!") was "Why did you kill Bobby?!" Before he called security on us, he gave us an answer.

"We try to kill all the characters that are loved," he joked. "This whole idea this year for the arc for the boys is that they would slowly become more isolated losing Cas, losing Bobby, and they didn't have these backstops and they're alone and hunted. And we just wanted to see what that would do to their characters. And we love Jim, but that just seemed like a logical extension of where we're taking the guys. But there are some surprises in the last few episodes that I think people will be happy with."

Surprises? As in Bobby will be back?

"He'll be back in one form or another," Singer teased. Now that we settled that, it was time to bug him about Castiel's big return.

"It happens by a sure twist of fate and the Cas that they find is not exactly the Cas that left them," he tells us. As for next season (assuming there is another season of Supernatural), Singer promises twists and turns until the very end. "We usually will end [the season] with some sort of a cliffhanger, which will inform the next year. And then we may get into a room and say, 'OK, we've painted ourselves into this corner, now how do we paint ourselves out?'"

Who's excited for Bobby and Castiel to come back to Supernatural? Raise your hands in the comments!

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