Joseph Morgan, The Vampire Diaries

Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Chills. That's the only word to describe meeting The Vampire Diaries' big bad Klaus, aka Joseph Morgan, and it's a testament to how convincing he is in his ultra-scary, ultra-violent role.

"Sometimes people do get a little kind of shaky I notice," Morgan tells me of meeting fans. "I'd like to think it's my frightening demeanor. That's why I spend a lot of time lurking."

So what about that spanking-new Klaus and Caroline (Candice Accola) chemistry we saw last night? (Pretty great, right?!) Well, Morgan has some veeerrry interesting things to say, like, oh, you know, "He is falling in love with her." No big whoop. Plus he dropped scoop on the Stefan-Klaus battle and how long he plans to stay on the show...

Morgan (whom I interviewed yesterday) tells me: "There is going to be someone who takes Klaus' eye and he's used to getting everything he wants for the last 1,000 years. He's used to people bending over backwards for him and just completely giving in to him, and this person is not going to do that. That's only going to make him more intrigued and more enticed by her. She's got some pretty good reasons for keeping him at arm's length but he's persistent. He's learned a little patience the last 1,000 years."

Morgan digs the storyline because "it's a completely different side of [Klaus]. We are starting to see his more human side, with his family with his father we saw that son who was angry with his father which people can relate to. But the relationship where he's trying to woo someone and where he really is falling in love with someone, that is exciting."

Say whosey whatsy what now? Klaus is "falling in love"?! Is it too soon to get those monogrammed Klaus-Caroline wedding gifts yet?

Yeah, probably. After all, though it seems clear that Morgan is talking about Caroline, he didn't confirm it's her. Maybe it's um...Stefan (Paul Wesley)?

Speaking of, here's what Morgan can tell us of the Klaus-Stefan battle, which got pretty dang intense last night on that bridge: "It's only going to get bigger and more dramatic," Morgan reveals. "He has this idea that to beat the bad guy you've got to be a bigger bad guy. But Klaus has been around for 1000 years. He's a hybrid. He's killed his own mother and now his own father. You'd have to get pretty bad to compete with that. Klaus is nothing if not a button pusher. And he will only respond to displays of violence with more violence."


Oh, and my favorite part of the interview? When I asked Joseph if he's a bad boy in real life, his expression gave everything away. Check out the video interview above for that hilarious answer!

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