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It was laughs and tears during tonight's Jersey Shore.

Last week, we left off with the question of whether or not Vinny was going to stick out another season in Seaside, even though he was going through a "funk."

And tonight we learn that it was just too much for the reality star to push aside and ignore.

But before we get emotional, let's start with some of the happier and funny stuff...

Fun fact: Our guido and guidette friends are no fan of rain and thunder. Once it started pouring, they "ran for their lives" back to the house, where Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino lent his new BFF Jionni a shirt and some underwear. In return, Snooki's man cooked a late-night breakfast meal for Sitch. Cute.

How do you know the world is going to end? When Snooks tells one of her roommates to stop tanning. Yes, we said stop. In this case it was Pauly D. The poor guy went on a tanning overload and burned his face. It wasn't his best move, but he was still on his game enough to bring a girl back home.

Which brings us to our next point...

Everyone got "fresh to death" for their first night back at Karma, and as you would assume, Snooki got a little too hammered and Jionni ended up babysitting. Luckily, there wasn't another kooka dance explosion.

Pauly found a girl that was too DTF, so they went back to the smush room. After the deed was done, he called for a cab (because there's no way in hell he'd let her stay the whole night. Duh), but the guy on the phone said it'd be about an hour. What?! "But she's dying!" Ha, nice try, Pauly.

At some point, mystery girl did end up leaving...without her shoes, but with Pauly's favorite gold chain. Scandalous!

After tearing up the smush room trying to find his fave piece of jewelry, the clepto sweet girl came back the next morning to return it. Yay! But there was definitely a lesson learned here: From now on, he will hug and pat down girls before they leave. Wise choice, my man.

Now, to our boy Vin.

All the roommates, especially Pauly and Ronnie, tried to lift his spirits. They even had a man's day, which included just what you would expect: manicures and pedicures. But even that didn't work.

Vinny revealed to their Shore Store owner Danny that he has clinical anxiety and has just been dwelling on his problems, and that his environment really isn't helping. So while everyone was out at Karma again, Pauly stayed behind and overheard Vin tell his sister that he was going to get a cab and go back to Staten Island.

Like a good bromance partner, Pauly tried his hardest to convince Vinny not to go (and we seriously started tearing up after seeing how upset it made him), but all he could do was help his brother pack and say goodbye.

Will you stop fist-pumping now that Vinny's gone? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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