Friday Fun! One Stinky as Hell Blind Vice

When stars don't get their way, poop then pumps
By Ted Casablanca Sep 12, 2008 11:07 AMTags
Blind Vice

We all have our pet peeves, not to mention issues, right? Matt Damon's are Alaskan governors and Alaskan governors, I believe. Other stars go more towards education (Oprah) or women's rights (La Streisand), etc.

But Brucey Butter-Zinger is ferociously serious about his personal peeves, as they mainly involve thinking in a particular way many people find amusing. Think Woody and his hemp-powered philosophies, only far worse—say some. But ol' Brucey, dedicated zealot he be, does not care; at least he puts up a fine job of making folks think he doesn't give a whit what they think of his nutty and often heatedly exchanged ideas.

So, it was with perfectly reasonable expectations that Mr. B-Z had his "people" approach several businesses across the street from where BBZ was planning a fancy party to benefit his less-than-popular off-camera thoughts and endeavors. He asked that the commercial endeavors all close down, just for one night (for which they would be reimbursed), so as to make the glittery do more private, not to mention easier to maneuver, vehicle-wise.

Only prob being, all the businesses said no friggin' way, thankyouverymuch, each and every single one of them. Brucey was not pleased, though you (and the store owners) would never know it. Soiree went on just fine, without a hitch, too. But those businesses that said no to Brucey? Uh, they sure had probs, big-time, when the very next ayem, all their plumbing, which had never before been problematic, backed up, causing sewage disasters out the wazoo. Interesting timing? The owners all think not and are distinctly smelling a revengeful sewer rat. Me, too.

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