Gary Dourdan

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Is Gary Dourdan actually leading a charmed life?

The trouble-prone former CSI star pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace today and was fined $100, the end result of him bumping into several parked cars on an L.A. street back in 2010, E! News has confirmed.

And though police allegedly found OxyContin in his car when they busted him, a judge dismissed a charge of felony drug possession as part of the deal.

How did Dourdan swing that?!

According to Los Angeles City Attorney's Office Frank Mateljan, the judge was satisfied with proof that Dourdan has attended at least 20 Narcotics Anonymous meetings since his June 13, 2010, arrest.

A separate count of drug-paraphenalia possession was also dismissed.

But it sure seems as if Dourdan is pressing his luck. In 2008, he was arrested in Coachella country—Indio, Calif.,—when the cops found him asleep behind the wheel of his car, which was parked pointing in the wrong direction on a city street, and turned up multiple drugs, including cocaine, when they searched the vehicle.

The actor copped to coke and Ecstasy possession and avoided jail time by entering a drug-diversion program.

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