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Andrew Cooper/Summit Entertainment; Mattel

And you thought Robert Pattinson's new buzz cut was too much.

At least it's better than the slicked-back ginger locks his plastic alter ego is rocking. Mattel has launched a new installment of their Twilight Barbie dolls—just in time for Valentine's day, no doubt—that immortalizes Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward's mucho-anticipated wedding day.

So which half of the couple got the better transformation to Toy-ville?

Easy: We say K.Stew.

First of all, it looks like someone bought the plastic Ms. Swan a push-up bra for her big day—‘cause Barbie Bella is looking très busty in her Carolina Herrera knockoff. OK, to be fair the toy Bella looks pretty much like any other brunette Barb, but the dress is pretty detailed.

It's got the lacy sleeves and the detailing down the front just like the real thing. No pics yet have revealed if the back is as intricately designed as the big screen version, but we can only assume there's some fabulousness back there too.

As for poor Edward?

His chestnut locks have gone reddish and his vampire skin is as chalky white as ever (too bad they didn't make him glisten, huh?!). The tux is pretty on point, with the white on white bow-tie, shirt, vest and they even popped in the corsage, but—hey—maybe it's just impossible to recreate the real-life good looks of R.Pattz?

The dolls are selling for $29.95 each and will be available on starting in February.

But what say you, loyal Twi-hards: Will you be adding these plastic persons to your vamp-gear collection? And do you agree that Bella got the better end of the Barbie stick, or are you totally Team Ken Edward?

Sound off in the comments!

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