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He can find anything...but can his show find TV viewers?

The Finder, the highly-anticipated Bones spinoff from creator Hart Hanson, premiered tonight, along with Rob Schneider's new comedy for CBS, which is aptly titled Rob. 

Now that you've seen both premieres, we're curious to know what you thought of each show. 

The Finder stars Geoff Stults as Walter Sherman, a military veteran who has the ability to find anything thanks (we think) to a run-in with a bomb. Assisting him are Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan), whose life Walter saved, earning him eternal loyalty, and his U.S. Marshal "girlfriend" Isabal (Mercedes Masohn). No Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) they are not. Along for the ride is Willa (Maddie Hasson), a teenage gypsy who works at Walter's part of her probation. Makes total sense right? 

Schneider's new show Rob centers on a middle-aged bachelor who marries a Mexican-American Maggie (Claudia Bassols) after knowing her for only two weeks. The problems arise when she brings him home to meet her large and extremely close family where Rob tries to fit in. Think Meet the Parents with a Mexican twist. 

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The Finder?

Now it's your turn: vote in our latest Save It or Sink It polls and then head on over to the comments to let us know what you thought of Rob and The Finder!

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