Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The KatyCats finally gave their idol something to purr about.

Despite—for exceedingly obvious reasons—Katy Perry deciding to pull out of her planned appearance at the People's Choice Awards last night, the singer nonetheless took time out to show her gratitude to fans for making her the winningest (albeit in absentia) star at last night's show.

So what did Russell Brand's estranged missus have to say?

She kept it short and sweet.

"THANK U to every1 who voted for me for the @peopleschoice tonight!" she tweeted after the show. "We won so many!"

Five in all, as a matter of fact, including an important one that most definitely didn't get away, Favorite Female Artist. Not too shabby a haul.

The only question left is where to keep them all (which, for a change for Katy, is a nice problem to have). Well, she's got that all figured out, too.

"Now I need to get more books 2 successfully display them!" she tweeted.

Now more than ever, considering she may soon be waving goodbye to half of them. In any case, congrats, Katy!

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