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Let the record show: Nobody does TV romance like Grey's Anatomy. So what comes next after mastermind Shonda Rhimes ripped our hearts out and fed ‘em to us with a spoon with the tragic end of one Mr. Noel Crane (Scott Foley)? Well, it seems that no couple may be safe on Grey's or Private Practice! I just sat down with Rhimes herself and can tell you precisely which couples are part of her "endgame"…

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Rhimes tells me she hasn't plotted out who will end up with whom on either hit series. So, if you're thinking you've figured it all out, think again!

"You know what?" muses Rhimes, whose new series Scandal premieres April 5 on ABC. "Who should end up with who is not the question for me. It's where they are going to end up as individuals that is more interesting to me than who should end up with who. I'm not really about that any more."

So, good news: Maybe different heated shipperdoms can all get along now? Chest bump!

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As for Private Practice's core (but troubled) coupling, Sam (Taye Diggs) and Addison (Kate Walsh), the verdict is also...still out.

"I will tell you that I have not decided which way it's going to go," Rhimes says of Sam and Addison. "Not quite yet. It's fun for me. I get to go to set and sort of watch Benjamin Bratt be amazing and go watch Taye Diggs be amazing and figure out which one. It's been fascinating to do." 

Rhimes adds, "They are going through a tough time right now and there is also going to be a little heatedness between Addison and Jake (Bratt) which may or may not be Addison's way of trying to get over Sam. They're in an impossible situation in the fact that she desperately wants a baby and [Sam] desperately does not and they've got to work it out…or not."

So how long does she have to figure it out? With the Grey's cast member contracts up at the end of this season, the future of the series is unclear, and Rhimes tells me: "I feel like I will write the shows as long as they're interesting to me. When they stop being interesting, then I'll stop writing them. It is not necessarily that the shows will stop going on, you know, I'm not responsible for that decision, that's a network decision, of how long the shows go. But Grey's is still interesting to me, Private is still interesting to me and I will write them as long as they are."

Check out Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice tonight, and stand by for more info on Shonda's new daring series Scandal, starring Kerry Washington, coming April 5 to ABC.

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