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Tonight, we witnessed the last-ever season premiere of the CW classic One Tree Hill. No more denying the inevitable, folks. It's time to discuss and gush with all of you about the episode that was totally worth the wait.

Now that we've finished biting our nails, we're eager to hear your speculations and predictions for the next 12 episodes. Plus, we've got the scoop on how this season's drama is going to play out…

"It was the B and B episode, as I like to call it: the beds and babies. So it was a good way to kick off the year." Well put, Stephen Colletti, and once again bravo for your bedroom scenes tonight. Truly a great start to a jam-packed, full throttle, can't believe my eyes, final season of One Tree Hill.

First off, we need to reflect upon those first two minutes that sent us into a whirlwind of extreme panic and curiosity. The season's teaser showed each character in their lowest lows, and we have no idea how they got there or why Tree Hill is in such a panic (again!).

When we talked with Colletti, he explained that the flash-forward drama will be seen in separate episodes. "They're all spread out and not all of them are related. It's not just one thing that triggers everything to blow up; there are different things happening in people's lives." 

Colletti revealed, "You'll see some of those scenes obviously pop back up later in the season to tie everything together, but none of it is going to be in the finale." Thank you, TV Gods! We're hoping to end this season with happiness and joy, not craziness and guns.

Oh, and was anyone else completely freaking out every time B. Davis was driving late at night with her precious cargo in the backseat?! When Julian said, "be careful," we were pretty much hyperventilating with fear until the episode ended and all was safe… for now.

What did you think of tonight's monumental episode? What do you think is going to happen for each of our friends? And who the heck is under the sheet?! Bombard us with your thoughts in the comments!

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