Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon


Dear Ted:
Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are both presenting at the Golden Globes this year? Can we expect a run in between the two exes?

Dear Ex Wars:
A run-in? Definitely possible. But an awkward Brangelina-Jennifer Aniston-esque encounter? Don't count on it. Reese is happily married and beyond over her relaysh with Jake. Besides, the two were far less serious than everyone presumed.

Dear Ted:
I'm really worried that Brad Pitt will win at award season this year, because he really doesn't deserve to, there were much better performances, Michael Shannon, anyone? But I believe it is manipulated and Brangelina are corrupt anyway, so I can see him walking away with the Oscar and I don't like it. It's like school when the popular kids get away with everything (style over substance) and even Clooney keeps mentioning him during speeches when there's no need, why the desperation for Pitt to win? So I want to know in your humble insider opinion do you really think Brad will win or it will be George Clooney or Jean Dujardin and any others who are far superior actors?

Dear Bitter Over Brad:
Brad Pitt may be one of the most popular dude's in H'wood, but he's certainly not up to any award season manipulation. And while I don't think Brad will take home the Oscar (only because I believe others are more deserving), Brad is well worthy of his A-list status. Sorry, G, Brangelina's here to stay at the top of Tinsel Town.

Dear Ted:
I can't help but notice that there's a lot of negativity directed at Blake Lively by Leighton Meester fans. Why is this? Leighton seems to like Blake and vice versa so what is the root cause of all this mean stuff towards B?

Dear Jealous:
Perhaps because Leighton fans can smell Blake's taste for the tabloids? Trust, both gal's are gorgeous, but a little healthy competition never hurts. After all, Blake knows how to play the fame game, and Leighton is well aware.

Dear Ted:
Am kind of confused, why is everyone saying Beyoncé used a surrogate, when photos of her visibly pregnant in a bikini with Jay-Z in Croatia last September?

Dear Fake Baby Bumpin':
Me thinks it's standard goss in T-town, and a little odd folks haven't ended the speculation. I fully believe Beyoncé gave birth—now, why can't we just be happy for the couple?

Dear Ted:
I know that you don't like Lea Michele very much, but can you say something about her future? She is going to keep working on Glee, but you can't deny how talented she is. What do the Hollywood producers say about Lea Michele? Do they want to work with her on movies?
—Lea's Fan

Dear Diva in Training:
While I do love to poke fun at Ms. Michele, I've never denied the mega-talent this chick has. Not sure what's next for the gal, but trust, she'll go far—with those pipes and that ‘tude she's bound to take over the big screen.

Dear Ted:  
Do you think Robert Pattinson plays up his awkward, shy, weirdness on purpose? Or is that actually him?

Dear Real Deal:
Dude's gorgeous, but he's as uncomfortable with his fame as he always appears. How refreshing in Hollywood, no?

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