These two sure seem to be making their rounds.

Without passing judgment, Jason Alexander, er, Donny Clay invited teen bride Courtney Stodden and "her father" hubby Doug Hutchison to his webisode show which was featured on And as you can imagine, Clay poked fun at the controversial couple.

Did they go too far?

According to Stodden's momager, Krista Keller, not at all!

"They were not at all offended," she told E! News. "Courtney is so funny, and with her sense of humor, and Doug's too, they are able to be confident in who they are as people. They can take something and like it and laugh and be OK with it. They were the first ones to think it's a funny thing.

"If someone spends the day with Courtney and Doug, they would win them over. They're able to rise above everything. With Courtney, it flows off her back like water off a duck's back. She's so secure, she can take anything and look at the funny side. Criticism does not get her down at all."

During the webisode, Clay tries to help the couple "fortify" their relationship with a couple exercises, including trying to see the quality of Stodden's heart by taking pictures of her breasts with a new app on his iPhone (you see where this is going), and showing Hutchison how to express his love for Courtney.

Watch for yourself.

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