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Are you there, viewers? It's me, Chelsea Handler's new comedy for NBC Are You There, Chelsea?

Inspired by the comedian's best-selling novel Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea, the new sitcom stars Laura Prepon as the titular character and, in an intriguing twist, Handler plays her sister Sloane. Don't worry, she wears a brunette wig, so it's not too confusing. 

Now that you've seen it, we're curious to know what you thought of Are You There, Chelsea?

Not many series would kick-off their run with their main character being arrested for DUI, but most main characters aren't based on the outspoken and honest Handler, who wrote about her own DUI in her book. And the arrest wasn't all bad: it lead to an awesome guest appearance by Glee's Dot Marie Jones as a prison inmate who gets extremely friendly with Chelsea.

In addition to Prepon and Handler (who is set to appear in seven episodes), Greek's Jake McDorman stars as bartender Rick, a love interest for Chelsea (look out for another slow burnin' TV romance!) and Lauren Lapkus steals every scene she's in as Chelsea's 26-year-old virgin roommate, Dee Dee. Rounding out the cast are Lenny Clarke, Ali Wong and Mark Povinelli

In case you needed an incentive to stick around for a few more episodes. Prepon's That '70s Show costar Wilmer Valderrama, who stars on NBC's new drama Awake, is set to guest star as a love interest for Chelsea. Yes, Donna and Fez are hooking up!

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Are You There, Chelsea?

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