Casey Anthony

Despite the apparent leak of her video diaries, Casey Anthony remains in hiding. But that doesn't mean she's all alone.

A source close to Anthony tells E! News that after months of disconnection, Casey is now back in contact with her mom Cindy.

But does that go double for dad George?

Unfortunately not.

While Casey had cut off contact with both of her parents in the lead-up to her trial last summer, she has yet to resume communication with her father.

But as far as her mother is concerned, a source close to the family tells E! News, "They are talking."

In the first stream-of-consciousness video that surfaced last week, Casey goes on for nearly five minutes, not once mentioning deceased daughter Caylee. After that initial clip hit the Internet, her parents' lawyer released a statement saying, "They are concerned that the release of this video or any future videos could endanger their daughter. Cindy and George hope that Casey remains safe wherever she may be."

However, while mom is now back in the fold, Anthony's attorney is out—albeit of his own volition.

Jose Baez, the Orlando-based defense attorney for the viral video diarist, has opted to no longer rep Anthony, making him the second of the controversial 24-year-old's lawyers to bow out of her case.

E! News has exclusively learned that Dorothy Sims, the member of Casey's defense dedicated to appealing her fraud conviction (the crime she's currently on probation for), filed paperwork in Orlando court yesterday seeking to remove herself as the client of record for the case.

So, what's behind the double departure?

A source familiar with the situation tells E! News that Anthony remains unwilling to undergo psychotherapy.

"Dorothy and Jose have been trying to get Casey to go into therapy, but she refused to do it," the source said. "Jose has become a parental figure in her life and she doesn't want to be told what to do. And he's done with it. The big issue is the therapy issue. He believes very strongly that if she doesn't get help she can't truly move on."

However, not all of Anthony's lawyers have abandoned ship, as defense team member and sound bite machine Cheney Mason is still on board. Here's hoping he can handle pulling all that extra weight.

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