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Death is coming to the Hamptons y'all and he's looking for some company!

Revenge's highly-anticipated 15th episode, which reveals who was murdered on the beach in the pilot's flashforward and who got their murder on, is drawing near and today, the cast finds out who is getting the ax. Dun dun dun. At last night's ABC TCA party, our Kristin Dos Santos  chatted with stars Joshua Bowman (Daniel), Gabriel Mann (Nolan), Ashley Madekwe (Ashley) and Connor Paolo (Declan) to get all the scoop on the sure-to-be epic episode, an upcoming wedding propsal and more. 

So who's dying?

Mann  told us last night, "We find out tomorrow. We get the script tomorrow. They won't tell us anything!" Madekwe believes creator Mike Kelley might not even know at this point, saying, "I don't think Mike knows all the time. I think he keeps changing his mind!"

Madekwe adds, "Anything's possible," and Mann, terrible man that he is, jokes (we hope!), "It could be me! Maybe I'm the body on the beach." OK, who wants to start the Keep Nolan Alive petition now?

The character most fans are worried about? Grayson good boy Daniel, who we were lead to believe was the body on the beach in the pilot's flashforward. Like his co-stars, Bowman is in the dark, but says, "Whatever happens, I've been having absolutely the time of my life. Everyone in the cast is stellar and I love working with them all. We have a great bond and the chemistry is fantastic." 

Paolo, whose character Declan was one of the people who discovered the body on the beach, reveals that they actually shot a reveal when they filmed the pilot. "All I can say it went a little further," he teases. "We shot a reveal of that body. So we did know stuff. I will say the cast we have now is slightly different and there are certain characters we have now that we didn't have in the pilot. We did know some stuff." Paolo also confirms that theres no way the death can be him (duh).

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While most shows would have saved the death reveal for the season finale, Madekwe says it was important to Kelley that the audience learned answers to burning questions in a timely manner. "That was really important to Mike: not drawing things out, like always letting there be answers to questions and giving people what they want." 

Mann piggybacks on that sentiment, saying, "It's all about satisfying the audience in the most entertaining way possible, not trying to frustrate people, telling great stories efficiently, quickly and moving the story. I think the biggest issue that they're going to have is the bar has been set so high."

As for what else is coming up, Bowman says viewers "will see the proposal" in episode 13 with Emily (Emily Van Camp), but adds, "what happens after's getting dark." While he believes Emily does have some genuine feelings for Daniel right now, he teases, "You'll see in the next couple of episodes they will fade away very quickly." 

And that's something Bowman welcomes as he's hoping to see a darker side of Daniel soon.  "I wish he was a bad guy. Trust me, I would love to play a bad guy personally," he says. "It's not happening just yet. Not yet." 

Revenge airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

—Reporting by Kristin Dos Santos

To hear more from the Revenge cast, like the possibility of a Nolan and Ashley hookup, watch our interviews with the cast above. Then head on over to the comments to tell us who you think is leaving the Hamptons in a body bag. 

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