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It has been 239 days (yep, we counted) since the last episode of One Tree Hill and tonight the wait is finally over! We told you last week about the amazingness that was the One Tree Hill season premiere screening party, in which we hollered along with the fans when Stephen Colletti spent the majority of the episode in his skivvies. 

We chatted with Colletti himself about his lack of wardrobe. (You're welcome, America!) Plus, he dropped some scoop on the ninth and final season of OTH...

"I got a friendly little reminder I got from [executive producer] Mark Schwan on the way to the screening," Collietti tells us. "I was actually asking him if he was going to wear his 'Clean Teen' shirt and if he could throw me one. And he gently reminded me that I am going to be in my tightie whities about two stories tall."

Oh yes! Tonight Chase and Alex (Jana Kramer) spend the majority of their scenes half-naked in the boudoir, and Colletti tells us there were both pros and cons for him in these new scenes.

"I actually didn't even have an apartment until this last season. So, it was cool for Chase to get an apartment, but bittersweet because then you have the opportunity to be roaming around in your underwear. Thankfully it is only in one episode for me, so I'm happy to get it out of the way."

Although Alex and Chase begin this season blissfully happy, it wouldn't be the OTH style if it stayed this way forever. "It starts out great but you see in the first episode, her mind is kind of in a different spot with what's going on with her career in music and the welcoming of Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) and him getting thrown into our lives." That's right...he's baa-ack! "She gets consumed with that and he kind of ruffles the feathers as far as our relationship a little bit."

Chris Keller trying to come stir up drama for a happy couple? So shocking. "I know! Normally he's such a noble man. He's always so polite and so politically correct and nice to everyone," Colletti jokes.

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As for what is going to happen personally for the Tric bar-manager this season, Stephen tells us: "I am happy to say that there is all kind of stuff happening, whether it's on the girl front, whether it's on the personal front as far as career and just where Chase's life is headed in general. You get to see bits and pieces of all of that happening this season and his world is definitely turned upside-down a few times."

Colletti teases: "There's still so much to come for everybody on the show and it's really exciting. Definitely my favorite season by far!"

One Tree Hill's final season premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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