True Blood Star Speaks Up About Animal Testing: "Be a Little More Curious!"

Kristin Bauer talks cruelty-free cosmetics and sends an awards-season message to other actresses

By John Boone Jan 11, 2012 6:40 PMTags
TRUE BLOOD, Kristin Bauer, Deborah Ann WollJohn P. Johnson / HBO

With the Golden Globes (and then Oscars) approaching, are you ready for the glitz and glam of the red carpet?!

We love seeing stars all dolled up and made up, but, as some stars remind us, we gotta keep our furry friends in mind.

One of those people is True Blood's Kristin Bauer (the amazingly be-yotchy Pam), who filled us in on what advice she'd give starlets this awards season.

So listen up, babes:

"I would say just be a little more curious and think about it," Kristin told us, when we asked what message she'd send actresses who aren't as aware of where their makeup came from.

"Most people have a cat or a dog or some other species that they love like a husband...I don't want to be contributing to unnecessary suffering unknowingly."

A message we wholeheartedly say back. And a recent survey—titled More Than a Makeup Trend—shows that 61 percent of Americans believe that companies should not be allowed to test makeup or other cosmetics on animals. The survey, done by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, also showed that 72 percent of respondents thought that testing cosmetics on animals was unethical.

To which we say, why the heck isn't it 100 percent?!

"I find when I get in a conversation with people, they have some sort of missing information," Kristin filled us in. "Rats and mice, they're like sharks. They're hard to get people to care about. But if you gave people the choice of testing with a newer, more accurate and humane and scientifically advanced way or a small little furry guy, I'm pretty sure you'd get a much higher percentage."

We totally agree. Which is exactly why we're trying to help Kristin get the word out. And as Kristin would say, information is power.

So we must echo K.B.'s sentiment: ladies (and gents), next time you're getting done up, take a sec to see where your makeup came from, eh?! 'Cause if Pam can look as flawless as she does with zero animal cruelty involved, you can too.

Oh, and True Blood fans, we of course asked Kristin about what's to come this season. More on that later this week!