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"This is like having the funeral before you die."

So said Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman at the show's winter TCA panel today after constantly being asked about the show's ending. The panel was a bit bittersweet, with the show's creator Marc Cherry and stars Teri HatcherEva Longoria and Marcia Cross all reflecting on their eight-year run. However, could there still be life on Wisteria Lane after the TV series ends? Cherry addressed the possibility of a D.H. reunion movie head-on in the panel.

Plus, will Tom (Doug Savant) and Lynette (Huffman) reconcile before the series' end? Here's what Cherry & Co. had to say...

Cherry revealed he actually talked to Sex and the City creator Michael Patrick King about doing a movie a few years ago and says King has a slight advantage. "Sex and the City only did like 69 episodes. The advantage for them was they hadn't really plumbed the depths of those characters," Cherry explained. "After eight years, I think we're done. I'm happy about it. It's not a bad thing. I feel very satisfied with where we are. I'm never sending these girls to Dubai. That's all I'm saying."

While loose ends will be tied up in the finale, don't expect everything to be wrapped up in a pretty bow. "We don't want to tie up every loose end," executive producer Bob Daily said. "Life goes on on Wisteria Lane." Cherry, who wouldn't specify which loose ends would be wrapped up, said the audience is "never going to find out which state Fairview is in" and teases that "old familiar faces are going to be coming back to the show." One person definitely coming back? Susan's daughter Julie (Andrea Bowen). When asked if Nicollette Sheridan will reprise her role as Edie, Cherry replied, "No comment," but hinted that she will not be coming back. 

Daily said the writers "rewatched the pilot" before delving into the final season to try to have "as many echoes as possible to that first episode and the first season." As for Cherry, he said he has had the series' last act planned for the last seven and a half years and it has not changed. 

Cherry said one thing he thought the show would never be able to pull off was Tom and Lynette's split and he's been please by the fan reaction to the storyline. "The fans have gone with it this year, which has been nice." Still, Cherry gave a small nugget of hope to fans hoping Tom and Lynette can work it out, saying, "We have some interesting twists yet to come." 

When Huffman and Savant were asked about the breakup, Savant joked, "We hate it! It was a bad choice!" Huffman revealed it actually caused a bit of tension for the actors behind the scenes, saying, "We actually started fighting offscreen. Lite imitated art. It was interesting, because its the eighth year, you get to go places you haven't been before. It's been upsetting and we don't get to work together as much, and working with Doug is one of my favorite things."

Regarding another couple, Gabby and Carlos, Ricardo Antonio Chavira said he's been most surprised by the fact "that we're still together. They've become this couple that the audience tends to rely on and look at as the ones who kind of have it together and seem to be the strongest." Quick to defend her fictional marriage, Huffman joked, "Your marriage is the strongest?!"

After everything they've been through, affairs, murder, blindness, rehab and more, Longoria joked, "I wouldn't be surprised if [Carlos] is going to be gay." Cherry admitted that when the show first started he had the most trouble figuring out Gabby and Carlos but says they have become the show's "go-to comedy couple because they were both so despicable to one another." 

For Hatcher, her favorite moment of the series was a no-brainer: "It's hard to beat the naked in the bushes scenes; probably one of the most fun, vulnerable, exciting, well-written moments in Susan's personal journeys."

Are you going to miss the Desperate Housewives ladies on your TV screen? 

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