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So, what do you get the couple who has everything? As it turns out, a sleeping bag, a papier-mâché doll, caribou antler snow goggles and a jar of Vegemite.

No, that's not a punchline. Just a sampling of the sometimes exotic, often enviable and always random gifts that Kate Middleton and Prince William received during their overseas tours last year.

St. James's Palace today all but handed over the contents of the royal newlyweds' customs declarations forms, revealing in a full, 14-page rundown (that's a lot of thank yous to write) each and every goodwill present handed to Will and Kate as they made their high-profile ways together through Canada and the U.S. as well as during the duke's solo trip to Australia and New Zealand.

It's interesting to note that while some gifts were intended just for Will (a pair of cufflinks, a flying helmet, a tartan waistcoat and an address book from his Canadian commonwealth pals) and some were intended only for Kate (a knitted prayer shawl, a brown ash basket, a framed Canadian stamp and a peacock feather fascinator), Middleton did seem to win the popularity contest, amassing more gifts from individuals—in other words, not heads of state, foreign royal family members or public officials—than her hubby.

The people's duchess, indeed.

As for their more curious pieces of accumulated swag, here's a sampling of some of the more unorthodox gifts the royals no doubt graciously accepted during their travels:

From Canada: A ball point pen, wooden heart box with charm bracelet, two polar bear lapel badges, tartan fascinator, rag and porcelain dolls, dresses and jackets, hand painted scarf, wicker flower basket, two mosquito traps, three pairs of shoes, a bottle of whiskey (now we're talking), game boards and pieces, leather-bound invitation to Parks Canada, two chef's jackets, four plates, quilt, wooden humidor, children's drawings, bottle of icewine, three red hockey jerseys (duh), Aboriginal bronze, books, cowboy hats, caribou antler snow goggles, a framed facsimile of the First Treaty of the First Nations of Canada, and a dog toy. Lest we forget, the royals are petless—but maybe it's a little something for the queen's corgis?

From the U.S.: A teddy bear (aww), iPad (sweet!), wine coasters, bread board, newspaper clippings from the Chicago Daily Sun & Times, earrings, DVDs, framed film still and a selection of medals. Apparently, Americans are big on hospitality, but short on gifts.

From New Zealand: An apron, carved and inscribed building fragments from Christchurch earthquake, books, baseball caps, a block of jade, scented soaps and hand towels, and books, books and more books.

From Australia: Some jewelry, cricket hacket, Akubra hat, commemorative coins, sleeping bag, Aboriginal craftwork, wooden mantel clock, papier-mâché model, and, the piece de resistance, a jar of Vegemite. And yes, that last one was given anonymously.

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