Blake Lively, Leighton Meester

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Dear Ted:
On Gossip Girl, besides Blake Lively (your fave), who else do you see gaining some more work after the show is kaput? And who do you see losing any future work because of some naughty Vices? Or gaining some work because of same Vices?
—GG Fan

Dear XXXo:
Pretty much all the big stars (like Leighton Meester, Chase Crawford, and Penn Badgley) have had some big-screen success and have some more projects lined up, but aside from Blakey-poo? I think Leighton has the best chances. As for Vices, Blake's does her wonders while Chase's may hold him back. Not for the obvious reasons though.

Dear Ted:
I have a hard time believing that Fey Oiled-Tush's current beard unit is OK with his mile-high club ways. Is Fey upfront about his escapades before making things permanent with a beard?

Dear Cockpit Problems:
Fey's current ladylove (minus, ya know, the lovin') turns a blind eye to anything Vicey the dude may do. That's why they work so perfectly together—despite what peeps may have thought.

Dear Ted:
I know that she may be boring, but I really can't help but feel a little bad for Chutney Jones. I can't imagine anything worse than being in love with someone who still loves another. That said, was the public aware of Jerry Rock-Butt's pined-over May-December relaysh or was it a flash-in-the-pan affair that never hit the press?

Dear Poor Chutney:
Don't feel too bad for Chut. She could definitely do better than Jerr…if she wanted. As for Jerry's older gal, it was a public affair. Nothing covert about that twosome, except for the reasons they eventually split.

Dear Ted:
Does Andrew Garfield have a B.V.?

Dear Spidey Senses Tingling:
Haven't you heard, babe? Starfield (that'd be Andy and his PDA-packin' GF Emma Stone) are as good as they come. Which—sadly for us—means no monikers for either of ‘em. Yet.

Dear Ted:
We hear about Dashed Dingle-Dream in conjunction with Judas Jack-Off all the time. But I was wondering if Dash ever pals around with any other Vicers?

Dear Simple Answer:

Dear Ted:
Please tell me Chutney Jones is not Kristen Stewart because from the way she is she seems far from vanilla.

Dear Clued In:
And K.Stew is. Far from vanilla, that is. Actually, K.Stew's Vice makes poor Chut seem even more blah.

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