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As titles go, the king of all media is taken. But the king of new media, that one's up for grabs.

Or at least it was until this weekend, when Tim Tebow decimated the old record and set a new one in terms of tweets per second—the de facto new method of figuring out exactly who's who in the world of...well, the world...at any given time.

Up until now, the queen of the social medium was none other than Beyoncé, who not only broke but smashed through the previous tweets per second record back in August, when she—and more importantly, her baby bump—made their debut at the MTV Video Music Awards.

And now even B's record is looking pretty measly. To say nothing of that little passing fad known as the royal wedding.

That's right, Tebow's thriller of a weekend didn't end Sunday night, when he threw a jaw-dropping 80-yard touchdown pass in overtime to give the Denver Broncos the win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It valiantly continued on to today, when Twitter announced that his game-saving play caused the social media site to erupt with 9,420 Tebow-related tweets-per-second (hardly any wonder, given that the game was also the No. 1 show on TV last week, averaging a whopping 42.3 million viewers).

The phenomenal figure not only set a record for the most TPS for any sporting event, but any event period, and is even more impressive when stacked against some of the other massively trending events from the past year.

Beyoncé's pregnancy confirmation, for a start, resulted in a suddenly dwarfed 8,868 TPS. The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, that globally watched feat of pomp, circumstance and romance? A frankly embarrassing 3,966 TPS. Comparing like with like, not even last year's Super Bowl Twitter figures were a worthy opponent, as it yielded just 4,064 TPS.

And in case you're wondering, Steve Jobs' death, resignation, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the raid on Osama bin Laden and the Women's World Cup also fell short of Tebow's numbers.

So all hail (or even better, RT) the king.

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