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Do you believe in miracles?

If not, then you should grab a bag of cheese puffs and watch Teen Mom 2, because in tonight's two brand-new episodes, we learned that anything is possible.

We're not just talking about Chelsea paying her own rent. Thanks to some tasty snacks, Leah and Corey's baby Ali finally stands on her own two feet…

Leah: Leah and Corey continue to take baby Ali to "scary appointments," including a physical therapist who recommends leg splints and a geneticist who tells the confused couple (off camera—the nerve!) that Ali might suffer from camptomelic dysplasia (bowed legs from a potentially fatal gene mutation). Just when Leah admits she's "losing hope," Ali stands up for her snack-wielding grandma. Who needs doctors when you have the Cheese Puff Method? Leah is even more reassured when the geneticist calls to say Ali's bloodwork is normal. Leah cried, "I'm just so glad my baby's OK"…but is she? Next week's previews—suggesting Ali might suffer from underlying skeletal issues—aren't exactly encouraging. On the bright side, Ali and her twin will soon be welcoming another little brother or sister!

Chelsea Houska, Megan Nelson, Teen Mom 2

So much for those National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy PSAs! In addition to Leah's recent news, Megan, Chelsea's former roommate and BFF—before baby daddy Adam strained their relationship—stopped by to audition for Teen Mom 3 announce she was pregnant. To her credit, Chelsea seemed genuinely shocked: "Oh, Megan, what have you got yourself into?" she sighed. And when Megan answered, "A little baby," Chelsea warned, "…with big consequences."

Chelsea shows even more maturity when she tells her dad she wants to help him with the rent—or at least pay the utilities (baby steps)—when he leases a townhome for her. Big changes mean big hair, and Chelsea demonstrates her commitment to "starting over" by going platinum. We can only hope that she doesn't inflict this hairstyle on others if and when she finally goes to beauty school.

Dad's one condition on continuing to pay his daughter's rent is that Adam not move in again. Based on Adam's reluctance to help Chelsea move her furniture, this might not be an issue. Is it fair of Chelsea to complain she "can't rely on" him when Adam is working full-time to support his family? Wait—are we defending Adam?

Once you've hit rock bottom, is there anyplace to go but up? Not if you're Jenelle, who is flushing her life away with sewer rat Kieffer Delp. Actually, her mom Barbara is the one actually paying the sewage bill while Jenelle sobs in bed (her home away from car) and refuses to watch her son for even 10 minutes while she fills Kieffer's voicemail with pathetic pleas to call her back.

At first, things seemed to be going swimmingly with the romance of the century. Missing the deadline to enroll in her college's spring semester really freed up Jenelle's schedule to hang with Kieffer, who finally found a cousin to bail him out of jail. The star-crossed lovers finally reunite at—where else?—Planet Fun! Instead of a violent parking lot confrontation fueled by vodka and spare change, this time the two lovebirds calmly analyzed their relationship. Jenelle actually apologized for filing the domestic abuse charges that sent her Prince Charming to jail. "It's not like you beat me or anything like that—you just shoved me out of the way." (Dr. Drew must be furiously scribbling notes for this season's reunion show.)

"I've fallen like so in love with you I couldn't stand you in there no more," Jenelle adds—something that doesn't quite jibe with her reconnecting with an old BF while Kieffer was locked up. When he sees her texting her ex, Kieffer speeds away asks his friend to pick him up, with Jenelle chasing and wailing after the car like an abandoned puppy. The good news? We saw the previews and (spoiler alert!) they get back together! Aw. More good news? Jenelle and Kieffer's court date was postponed, so now they have plenty of time to stay clean before their next drug test. Best news of all? Jenelle found a new car to replace her broken-down model and—fingers crossed!—its Ed Hardy seat covers.

If Team Jo were playing Team Kailyn tonight, we might find ourselves rooting on the baby daddy's side. Kailyn sulked because Jo only agreed to let her take Isaac for four hours during his custody weekend so she could host her son's first birthday party. (Didn't he make similar concessions so Kailyn could Isaac trick-or-treating at Halloween?)

For his birthday, Jordan gave Isaac some sweet pumped-up kicks, just in time to start pounding the pavement after Kailyn totaled her car. Thanks to its salvage and a sex-ay used car dealer, she was just able to afford a "not your dream car" replacement sedan. With her bank account shrinking and her resentment building, Kailyn blindsided Jo by filing for child support. Maybe "blindside" isn't the correct word: she did leave him this friendly voicemail after the fact: "You should be getting something in the mail. Sorry. Bye."

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