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Cougar Town fans, the wait is over. Or wait, no, sorry, it's actually not at all.

At today's ABC press tour today, ABC President Paul Lee answered the tough question of when Cougar Town is coming back, and why the comedy Work It (which was bashed by critics and viewers alike) made it on the air instead. Reporters also asked Lee about the fate of dramas Grey's Anatomy and Pan Am...

"Well, certainly we don't have any comments about those contracts," Lee says of the Grey's cast negotiations for a season nine. "Grey's came roaring back, it's creatively still at the top of its form. Shonda Rhimes has a vision like nobody else. We've heard her vision for this season and beyond, and I'm feeling really good about the show."

As for Cougar Town, which has yet to air new episodes this season, sources tell us Lee had planned to announce a return date during today's press tour, but die-hard fans will have to sit it out a bit longer.

"We're not quite ready [to announce a return date]," Lee says. "But you'll be hearing in the next couple weeks...The reality is I think Cougar Town is having some of their best episodes. I think when we launch it we'll bring a big strong message that we love the show. We haven't yet landed where it's going to go. It's tentatively slated for March. It's in there for a good reason."

When asked if Cougar Town's delayed return is indicative of a move away from single-camera comedy (in favor of shows like Tim Allen's Last Man Standing), Lee insists, "Quite the opposite. The core of our comedy offering is our Wednesday night, it's something we're extremely proud of...This may be a bit of a dream but it if you look at Happy Endings, Cougar Town and Apartment 23,  it'd be great to have a bunch of young irreverent comedies together. That's a little bit of a dream for the future."

So what about Pan Am? It may or may not be a dream for the future as well. "When it opened, it really brought a good audience to it," Lee says. "I think there's a lot of goodwill toward the show. It's a great cast. We have new and original shows right through the end of February and it'll be in contention past that. "

And how's this for a little tidbit to make you go hmmm, Revenge fans? When asked if it's still a possibility that Revenge may move locations away from the Hamptons, Lee says: "I don't want to give anything away about a show that people are on the edge of their seats for, but yes, it is in the cards."

American Horror Story-Revenge crossover next season, anyone? Maybe they can be neighbors in...Tallahassee?

Oh, and in the "yeah-duh" category, Dancing With the Stars is totally not getting the boot anytime soon. "Dancing With the Stars has many more years to come. It's all about the casting, and that's how you keep it alive," Lee says.

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