Jamie Bell, Evan Rachel Wood

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Are wedding Bells ringing for Evan Rachel Wood?

The blogosphere is tripping over itself to report just that, all based off of a photo of Wood and her longtime on-again beau Jamie Bell on a night out, during which the actress—in full view of the paparazzi—made no attempt to hide the gigantic boulder of a ring that she wore on that finger.

That her rep has so far not commented on the rock has been taken as further evidence on a forthcoming union. But that's not necessarily the case—and in fact, the silence may simply be because this question (and this ring) have already been explained…

Evan Rachel Wood

JD Pht Bx and MCGM / Splash News

Last fall, when the 24-year-old was spotted wearing that same exact ring on that same exact finger, rumors of a betrothal reached fever pitch, so much so that the Ides of March starlet took to Twitter to clear up the confusion.

"Sorry to disappoint, but I have been wearing that diamond on my left hand since I was 14," she wrote back in November. "It was my aunts. Any engagement rumor is false."

This time around, she had a little more fun with the reports, tweeting yesterday, "I would like to clear up some rumors floating around. No…I am not a smoker."

As for whether she's a fiancée?

While Us Weekly is claiming confirmation at the hands of an anonymous source, there's no getting around that the supposed engagement ring is the same as it ever was. So we know which way we'd wager if we were betting men.

Though maybe when it comes to the rumor mill, the second time's the charm? Time will tell.

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