Wendi McLendon-Covey, Channing Tatum

John M. Heller/Getty Images; Jim Spellman/WireImage.com

We know most of our Magic Mike focus has been on those hunky stripper dudes slipping in and out of their thongs. But there's another reason we're so pumped for this flick to hit theaters—and her name is Wendi McLendon-Covey.

Few deets were know about the Bridesmaids babe's role in the flick when she was cast, but when we caught up with her at Sunday's Audi and Martin Katz's 2012 Pre-Golden Globes party in WeHo, Wendi told us all about going toe-to-toe with Channing Tatum:

"I'm playing a woman who goes to Channing Tatum's car detailing service," Wendi—who donned a fab L.B.D. that showed off some serious cleavage—told us. "Because he is not just a stripper, he also has a car detailing service. He's good at all these things!"

Hmm, so we should expect to see Chan all greased up and under the hood of a car?! Maybe not.

Wendi continues: "And I go to him and I'm like 'Where are my cars?! You haven't done my cars!' Because that's the thing, he can't multitask...And I just throw a fit at him until he seduces me into not being upset about it."

You lucky broad, you! But it seems Wendi's luck ran out when it came to actually seeing the mantastic eye candy do their thang onstage.

"I didn't! And I'm just sick about it!" Wendi cried when we asked if she got to peek in on any of the dance numbers.

"But I got to be there on days when they were fitting the guys with their wigs and creating their looks—which are lusciously funny without meaning to be. To me the movie is going to be like Boogie Nights, in that they're encompassed in this word and they don't see anything outside of this world. And they just live for that. So it's intentionally funny."

Except in your case, we're sure. This babe knows how to deliver a joke.

So we had to ask: When Wendi hits up the premiere of the movie, which of her hunky costars is she most excited to see show off some skin?

"Well, look, I'll never be upset to see Channing do anything," she gushed. "But I saw a picture of Matthew McConaughey wearing an Uncle Sam hat, no shirt, and some low-rider jeans. And that was a tasty treat. And that's going to bring some people to the theater."

How very politically erect correct! And those people in the theater? That'll be us, you can count on that.

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