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Dear Ted:
Now that Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby girl is finally here, do you think the rumors surrounding her fake pregnancy will die down? Was Hollywood questioning this baby bump as much as the public?

Dear Postpartum Blue(s):
People will keep whispering for a while—especially if Bey drops the baby weight likethat, which I bet seriously moolah she will. But it'll die down eventually, especially after B and Blue make a few trips out on the town doing normal mama-daughter stuff. As for the rumors, yes, Hollywood was in on that action.

Dear Ted:
Would you consider Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton to be serious? Or is he just trying to make Blake Lively jealous since she replaced him with a younger and hotter actor? I think it's the latter...

Dear On to the Next One:
Serious?! Ha! Don't make me laugh, babe. And as for the jealousy factor, even though Blakey is definitely winning this split—what with her smoochin' on Ryan Reynolds and whatnot—this model biz is just par for the course for Leo. It's got nothing to do with B.L.

Dear Ted:
Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this, but Britney Spears does not look like a happily engaged woman to me. Her smiles seem forced and her body language is stiff. That and her fiancé looks awkward next to her. Do you think this engagement is for real? Do you think she will go through with the wedding? My rescue golden retriever Harley says hi!

Dear Shotgun Wedding:
Brit-Brit never looks as comfortable as she once did when she's forced to show off her pearly whites for the camera. Which is what's happening here, I think. Because all I've heard from sources close to Camp Spears is how happy Britster is and how good the twosome is together.

Dear Ted:
You'll probably think I'm a perv but I was bummed to read here on E! that Magic Mike will have no full-frontal. Women have been showing it off forever and it's about time that the men do it too. Is this sudden shyness due to the studio's fear of an NC-17 rating or is it because we ladies would get to see who's got the right stuff and who doesn't? Just wondering.

Dear Don't Give Up Yet:
One source said there isn't going to be any full-frontal in Magic Mike, B, but I've heard contrary. So I'm keeping my hope alive that the days of gals showing it off while guys gets to be all modest and covered up are over. It's about damn time, after all.

Dear Ted:
What do you think of the news that TomStu and Sienna Miller are preggers? Do you think they'll get married? The baby will be lucky to have an Aunty Kristen Stewart and Uncle Robert Pattinson!

Dear First Comes Love:
Then comes baby...then comes marriage? That's not how the old nursery rhyme goes but it's certainly not unusual these days in T-town. But just because Sienna is apparently preggo does not mean these two are rushing down the aisle.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if there are any gay PR reps who ask their gay but not out clients to stay in the closet. If so, the hypocrisy burns my shorts.
—Sun Flower

Dear Of Course:
This town was built on hypocritical crapola like that.

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