The future of House is still very much in the air (seriously, it's getting some great hang time), but original castmember and regulation hottie Jesse Spencer is not sweating it.

Mostly because it sounds like some big stuff is coming up for Dr. Chase. And because we are so incredibly charming, he was tricked into spilling all kinds of scoop about the second half of House's eighth (and maybe final!) season...

Episode 12 is titled "Chase," and it shouldn't take you too long to figure out who that episode will revolve around. But just in case, let Jesse break it down for you. "There's something that happens to Chase and we follow him through the hospital. And I'm in every single scene, which has never happened in eight years," he tells our own Kristin Dos Santos. "And so it literally follows my point of view." When we offered up that Chase was getting a sex change, that caused him to correct us real quick! (See, that's how serious journalist get the scoop: by threatening to start crazy rumors).

"It involves a patient, and it involves a big rift with House and the question of being subjective," Jesse spills. "There seems to be a lot more repercussions for House's behavior and how he operates and have we as a team gotten too used to that. He needs to be pulled back a bit so, there's that fine line that House always likes to tread."

Sounds like a great episode, but will there be more where that came from? As in…another season of House? "As long as all the players are still involved and as long as we're maintaining the show for what it is in its integrity, then I'm all for having another season," Jesse says to us.

House returns with all new episodes on Jan. 23 on Fox.

For more scoop on Chase's big episode and guest stars, check out our complete interview above!

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