Snow White and the Huntsman, Charlize Theron

Universal Studios

Sorry, Kristen Stewart fans, but our fave chick is left out of the SWATH goodness once again (have no fear though, just means The Powers That Be are savin' more of her stuff for the big screen).

Instead, today we're treated to a new pic of the fabulously wicked Charlize Theron doing her evil queen thang. Forget the mirror, mirror on the wall, dear readers, tell us who you think is the fairest of all!

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But let's face it: Charlize is hard to beat.

That crown alone? Holy iron and spikes—if that doesn't scream royal be-yotch, we don't know what does. And we love it—just like everything else Ms. Theron has put into her reincarnation of the fairy-tale foe, ya know, like her quiver-inducing monologues, mirror-shattering screams, and that thing where she turns into a bunch of crows (peep the trailer if you've forgotten).

Sorry, Julia Roberts, but when it comes to Snow White's witchy queens, we're totally Team Charlize.

Maybe if you'd dipped yourself into some milk, Jules, and found a little evil within we'd be more into your G-rated take.

But we're all about the badassery over here, and no doubt, Ms. Theron totally brings it.

Now, can we please get a pic of K.Stew as Snow White to make our day even more delicious?!

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