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Maybe you spent your holiday with family opening presents, but some of us were still in mourning for the latest Grey's Anatomy fatality and had to drown our Noel Henry-loving broken hearts in vats of (spiked?) eggnog.

But if you thought the pain would subside with time, grab your tissues as we break down what happened tonight when Teddy (Kim Raver) finally learned the truth, and what lies ahead...


Heartbreak in the Dark: It's like the writers didn't want to miss one spare moment to exploit our heartbreak and slow healing. So we are right back to where we started. Henry (Scott Foley) is dead, Teddy still doesn't know. And Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers) just got out of their stalled ambulance to a post-apocalyptic looking car crash. Clearly time does not heal all wounds.

We were tempted to start a morbid tally of people who knew about Henry's death (sob!) before Teddy. And by the 30-minute mark we already had Owen, the Chief, Cristina, April, Bailey and Callie on the list. And while we were tempted to question the long painful process of telling Teddy, we have to admit Kim Raver was quite extraordinary. From her pleading with Cristina (Sandra Oh) to tell her he was dead, to an excruciating trip to the morgue, it was restrained and horrible and the most real we've ever seen Teddy.

Torture Triangle: Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) are like unrequited lover ships passing in the night. When one is single, the other is having a baby with his BFF. When the other is ready, a new significant other is added to the mix. And of course said new significant other just happens be the only one available to consult on a case.

This is where we are willing to plead to the highest authority. Shonda Rhimes, please just put Mark and Lexie back together and put us all out of our misery, with the longing looks and sparks of hope. Worst part of all of this? Mark's Dr. New Girlfriend is actually good at her job and reveals her vulnerability to Lexie. Ugh. We hate that we are warming up to her.

She's Back!: Zola! Just when we're going to break down into sobs for Henry, a baby rings the doorbell. We've never been so happy to see Meredith and Derek's adorable MIA baby. And just in the nick of time, we needed good news.


"Dammit. Now I like her." —Lexie

"Cristina, I need you to say it." —Teddy

"I wouldn't mind if you didn't give me quite so much space." —Bailey


Specialized Surgery:  What happens when you put a dozen or so doctors in an ER to perform complex surgery on conjoined twins? If we search the deep recesses of our minds to our elementary school history lessons, we're pretty sure this is what they meant by powder keg. Either everyone works together in harmony or chaos ensues or both! Our favorite kind Grey's episode.

Twilight Zone: Grey's Anatomy will go full butterfly effect in an upcoming episode. What would have happened if Meredith wasn't so dark and twisty? Certainly no tequila and no hooking up with a Derek in a bar. But would Meredith and Cristina still be besties? Are the sisters Grey on great terms? OK clearly we have tons of questions and can't wait to see this alternate universe Seattle, but maybe things aren't all bright and shiny.

That was a tough one, kids. Was it torture to see Teddy left in the dark for so long? Did you scream when Zola was at the door?

Time for a group hug in the comments!

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