Taylor Swift, AMA's

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Dear Ted:
Everyone seems to be pissed about Taylor Swift getting the role in Les Misérables. I'm actually excited. Do you think she can change people's minds? I think the director must have seen talent in her!

Dear Slow Down:
The role has not been confirmed, babe. But, if it is, must say a musical acting performance is more up Taylor's alley, than, say, Valentine's Day. I, like you, think she'll do a bang-up job! More people should be open to a Swift musical. Seems such a no-brainer, what's the problem? Lea Michele can't do everything.

Dear Ted:
I have been on a Gossip Girl kick lately, and watching that hunky Ed Westwick has made me think he'd be a wonderful James Bond! He has got the accent, bad ass attitude and the smirk for it. Opinions?

Dear Excuse Me?
Is something wrong with the current Jim Bond? Uh, the answer to that would be a firm no. Daniel Craig is only the second best James Bond (first will always be Sean Connery) ever; it was brilliant casting on the producer's part. Craig has a butch élan I just don't see in Westwick, sorry.

Dear Ted:
Happy New Year! I'm dying for some new info on my fave new couple of 2011: Justifer (Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux)! They have been suspiciously off the radar for weeks now. Any updates on what they're up to? I was hoping we would get a post-holiday announcement from them involving a ring or a stork!
Missing Anisroux

Dear It's Serious:
You know that part you mentioned about not exactly seeing Jen and Justin plastered everywhere? That's precisely why we should be getting very concerned Jennifer's in serious danger of being taken off the single's market! When Jen's totally into a guy, she gets super shy with him. If you'll recall, it's exactly what she did with Brad, and next thing you know, they're engaged! Hey, Jen, if you're happy, we're happy!

Dear Ted:
I'll make this short and sweet. I know you really like Robsten (like moi) but do you like the Twilight saga?

Dear Out With It:

Dear Ted:
Is it just me or has Nikki Reed turned a bit holier-than-thou? She tweeted how there were a lot of divorces lately and she's having a "still married" BBQ. She's been married for about five seconds in celebrity standards. Is it her mission to ostracize herself from everyone in Hollywood?

Dear Nikki Sticky:
Agree maybe it's not in the best of taste for our Nik, but, also have to add that that's precisely what I've come to rely and depend on Nikki for: always stirring the pot! She's charmingly brilliant at it, no? Doesn't that count for something?

Dear Ted:
Do you think there will be any Oscar love (or even like) for Harry Potter? I thought it was a better movie by far than some of the other potential nominees in a couple of categories, plus it was a critical and box-office success. What do you think? Is it the genre or because it's a franchise?

Dear Good Question:
True, the Academy is famous for steering clear of mega-successful franchises like Potter, but, I suspect since it's such a beloved movie series (not to mention books)—and since, as you say, it's one of the best in the franchise, so far—that some of the minor Oscar nominations might very well include H.P. But, I wouldn't count on Daniel Radcliffe getting the Best Actor category, or anything.

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