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Stars reconciling after extramarital indiscretions is hardly a new phenomenon—particularly not in the family Maria Shriver comes from.

So when Arnold Schwarzenegger was photographed out and about over the holidays not only wearing a ring on that finger, but making what seemed like a pointed attempt to show it off to the cameras, speculation ramped up that the onetime power couple was in the throes of a reunion. That Shriver made the rounds with her own conspicuous bling did nothing to silence the rumors.

Naturally, reports of Maria having second thoughts about the divorce filing followed. There was even some circumstantial evidence: according to the court docket, the duo's next divorce hearing wasn't in the standard six months' time, but a whopping five years away, in 2016.

So what gives? All the more time to reconsider their union?

As it turns out, no.

Though the Los Angeles Superior Court date of July 1, 2016, is curious (maybe it takes that long to count out all those millions?), there's no indication that Shriver has suddenly had a change of heart about the immeasurable betrayal doled out by her estranged husband when he simultaneously impregnated his wife and maid and then hid the news for more than a decade.

In fact, a source told E! News that despite fervent rumors of a reunion, Maria has not and is not expected to move back into the family home.

"They are still living apart," the source said, adding that Shriver bought a house in Brentwood last year, but that it is still under construction, and she has since taken up residence at the swank Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

However, reports of her coming and going to the family home in L.A.'s Mandeville Canyon are true—though not because of any peace talks with Arnie, but rather to visit her sons Patrick and Christopher, who still live in the house.

"The younger kids live at Arnold's house, though, so she is over there a lot," the source said.

So what about those rings? The seeming indisputable proof that the duo is slowly making amends?

That, too, isn't all that it seems.

Sources close to Shriver confirm to E! News that her ring finger bling is actually an heirloom piece, the engagement ring of her late mother Eunice Shriver, which she has been wearing since her mom's death in 2009.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum and Ken Baker

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