Lily Collins

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From Snow White to Snow Fright, how Lily Collins loves to keep us on our toes.

Lily, who looks so sugary sweet in Mirror Mirror it leaves us with a stomachache, is taking her rising star and impeccable eyebrows and ditching the fairy tales for some much gorier fair...ya know, like horror movie stuff.

So what's set to scare Snow White? Don't tell us that it could be...vampires?!

Wrong-o, Lil is set for a supernatural scare of a far creepier nature in the 2013 remake of The Evil Dead.

According to Bloody Disgusting, L.C. is almost locked to star in the somewhat controversial—at least to fans of the original cult classic—reboot of Sam Raimi's '80s horrorfest of the same name (if you want a peek of what kind of chainsaw wielding, tree attacking action will go down peep the trailer of the original).

The website claims that Lily will play a character named Mia, who heads to the woods with a handful of pals where they discover a Book of the Dead and end up having to face down demonic forces. Slasher fun, no?

And to add to the oh-so-grown up role? Lily's character apparently has a drug problem!

While we await confirmation from Lily's reps, we must say how this is all so very Kristen Stewart in The Runaways. Well, minus the demonic spirits and stuff.

Now, before you get in a huff about us comparing Lily to K.Stew, know this: (1) They're both doing the Snow White thing so this won't be the last time they're pitted against each other, not by a long shot, and (2) we adore Kristen (no surprise), so any time we liken someone to her, it's definitely a compliment.

And actually, when it comes to The Evil Dead, here's just hoping it's better than Kristen's pre-vamp horror flick The Messengers.

But either way, we love the casting news and can't wait to see what kind of scare tactics Lily can endure. After all, she deserves some big screen badassery, ya know, since K.Stew is stealing all of it in the Snow White realm.  

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