Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has found herself on a show embroiled in all kinds of drama this season, including as she says "very serious situations...domestic abuse, suicide, a lot of real problems."

So it may surprise you to find that Richards has emerged from all of this with big plans. No, not for a spa retreat or an exorcism.

She's got a sitcom in the works!

Wait, what? Read on and find out what the brunette beauty, who has a new book, Life Is Not a Reality Show, as well, tells E! News about her sister Kim Richards' stint in rehab, costar Brandi Glanville's quickie Vegas sorta-wedding and a whole lot more.

First off, Kyle addresses what's going on with her sister.

"Kim's doing really well, really well. I'm very proud of her for making the decision to go and get help…she's strong and very happy," says Kyle.

At least Kim has escaped the media frenzy surrounding her costar and nemesis Brandi Glanville's wacky wedding in Las Vegas, where Kyle was also celebrating New Year's. "I left, and by the time I arrived in New York she was married," a very bemused Kim told us. "I sent her a text [asking], 'Where are you registered—if it's not too late?' Because I hear they are already getting divorced. Oh well, two hours! Congratulations…I guess."

From cosmetic surgery to catfights, Kyle insists that unlike other "scripted" reality shows, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills "is very real—sometimes it's too real. We are dealing with very serious situations...domestic abuse, suicide, a lot of real problems. It's not always easy to watch—it's real life."

In fact, castmate Russell Armstrong tragically committed suicide just months after his wife Taylor's allegations of domestic abuse were documented on RHOBH. "It's very difficult looking back watching the show and seeing Taylor and Russell. It's very painful," Kyle admits.

"Having to ask them leave my white party"—because Russell had threatened to sue castmate Camille Grammer for slander—"I felt terrible at the time, and watching it I feel even worse because of what's happened since."

After enjoying some R&R in Hawaii on Monday's show, Kyle warned, "There's also a lot more drama coming up. I just watched the next episode and there's a little bit of a pit in my stomach, I'm not going to lie."

Kyle is also "very nervous" about taping the Housewives' reunion show, airing at the end of the month. "It's like all of us sitting around in a therapy session and [host and Bravo VP] Andy Cohen is the psychiatrist," she told us. "And he really wants to dig deep and get in there…it's never a fun day. It's like hours and hours of sitting there and just going over and rehashing every problem on the season, so it's difficult."

But RHOBH hasn't been all turmoil and tragedy. "There's been a lot of fun things, too," says Kyle, who credits RHOBH with a new career opportunity:

"I actually just sold a pilot, a half-hour sitcom," the part-time actress dished. "I can't say to who yet because they want to announce that…but a lot of fun things [have] come with [Real Housewives]—there's good and bad, ups and downs."

—Reporting by Vanessa McDonald

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