Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara


Dear Ted:
Why isn't Drive in on the Oscar buzz? It was amazing and definitely Oscar worthy! Why are movies like Bridesmaids getting buzz, when it wasn't nearly as good?

Dear Silly Maids vs. Sexy Men:
While Ryan Gosling hasn't gotten much love for Drive now that awards season is in full swing, I think it's far less surprising than his snub last year for Blue Valentine. But I totally disagree with your Bridesmaids beef. The movie was amazing and it will be a crime if it doesn't get the Academy recognition it deserves.

Dear Ted:
Do you think Rooney Mara has hurt her chances of an Oscar nomination? In the course of three interviews she dissed Law & Order, Nightmare on Elm Street and said that unlike most new actresses, she was able to afford to not take any parts until something was offered to her worthy of her talent. I am hoping she will be overlooked and someone with more class, who paid dues and appreciates being given opportunities in their careers is given the recognition.
—Fed up with Inflated Egos

Dear Girl With the Ungrateful Tattoo?
Doubt it. Rooney is Oscar bound whether we like it or not. And I wouldn't totally discredit the babe. Sure, she may have put her foot in her mouth a time or two already, but chalk it up to her being overly honest instead of très PR manicured. Either way, her performance in the flick was award worthy, so I think she'll have to do a lot worse to totally turn off voters.

Dear Ted:
I just read that Taylor Swift was offered the role of Éponine for the Les Misérables film. True? Thoughts? Many people seemed to think Lea Michelle would be a shoo-in. Do you have details s'il vous plaît?

Dear Out-Gleeked:
Me thinks it's true, J-babe. Camp Swifty has been pretty quiet about all the rumors of casting, which has me believing that she's nabbed the role over the more obvious choice of Lea Michele. But it may just be a good thing: Lea said she wants to get away from sing-songy movie roles and Tay can fine-tune her acting while delivering something she already does well: tunes.

Dear Ted:
What do you think about Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney? Will this hook up last?

Dear Poker Face Playa:
Gaga herself has said she puts her career before her romances, so if Taylor is cool with that I don't see a problem in the foreseeable future. So why shouldn't the Lady G get some snoggin' in between shows? It'll probably just give her more lust-filled lyrics to put to a catchy beat.

Dear Ted:
We've never really disagreed, but I feel the need to throw down on your thoughts about Katy Perry and Russell Brand's divorce! Katy Perry's wholesome image? Her religious background? Huh?! Katy strikes me as an immature, bratty diva who loves to get her drink on (and often!) and who has gone above and beyond to move away from that religious upbringing. She only throws that in when it's convenient for sympathy or PR purposes. I'm totally in Brand's corner on this one. I think he went into the marriage with the right intentions, but he just didn't realize he was marrying a baby. Ted, I'm closer to the truth than the other way around, right? C'mon, be honest.

Dear Honestly:
You're wrong, kinda. If I had to pick sides in this split, I'd actually be Team Perry. But both are to blame as far as I'm concerned—it just wasn't a good match, like at all.

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