Dear Revenge fans, Gabriel Mann, aka Nolan Ross, has a message for all of you: The show is finally returning tonight so you can stop asking him about it on Twitter. You, too, Mrs. Mann!

"I had to keep explaining on Twitter the winter hiatus concept, because they were thinking it was just Revenge and we were being mean to them," he tells us. "My mom called up irate one night and she's like, 'Do you realize we're having a viewing party at our house and it's a repeat? You need to call over to ABC and tell them not to do that.' "

To make up for leaving you cold and alone during the winter hiatus, Mann chatted with us about what fans can expect from Revenge's midseason return, what's in store for Nolan and Emily (Emily VanCamp) and some "major" hookups you won't see coming...

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Steel trap that he is, Mann wouldn't tell us much about what's ahead for Nolan and Tyler (Ashton Holmes), but he did tease that tonight's episode features "a whole lot" of the couple dubbed by fans as "TyleNol."  "Oh boy, it's a big one," he says. 

So what does Mann think of the name TyleNol? "I was trying to figure out it! That's because both of these guys are wound so tight that you need to take an aspirin because you're getting a headache," he tells us. "They're so tense, both of them. I like it. I think it's hilarious. Ashton and I have gotten many laughs over TyleNol."

While Tyler and Nolan may have some fans, we're thinking they're outnumbered by Emily and Nolan fans, who aren't exactly keen on the whole sibling theory brewing about those two. "I love that theory! It's interesting because it seems pretty obvious, but at one point, Emily and I looked at each other and were like, 'Are we the only two blonde people in the cast? That's an interesting coincidence!' " he says. "And sometimes we're together and there's some interesting similarities. I think we both have set off each other performances, and I think there's little subtleties we've picked up on each other, as people would and do in life from spending a lot of time together."

Gabriel Mann, Revenge


Relax and put down the red Sharpies and road maps for revenge, Emily and Nolan fans. Mann says he has "no idea" if the partners in crime are siblings and reasons that it's just as likely that the series will end with the two running off together. "The beauty of the show is that the writers could choose to take it in any direction and it would work. It could go from [siblings] to the big series finale that Emily and Nolan run off and get hitched and go get married in the Swiss Alps. It wouldn't surprise me," he laughs.

While the two ended their partnership (Boo! Hiss!) at the end of the fall finale thanks to Nolan's involvement with Tyler, the two will make up soon. Whether or not they remain partners is the question we poised to Mann, considering the two acted pretty cold toward one another in the pilot's flashforward, which is rapidly approaching. "We're on shallow ice right now because I think it's been proven that we have the potential to really hurt each other," he teases. "Everything now feels like a very delicate negotiation."

Something Mann is excited for? Episode 15, which will finally reveal who was shot on the beach at Daniel and Emily's engagement party...and who pulled the trigger. "They will not tell us anything. They basically just said any of you can be suspects," he tells us.  "I am and I know everybody else is dying to find out how they have put this episode together."

While Mann has no idea if Nolan pulled the trigger, he does know that the second half of the season is going to amp up the drama and intrigue. Basically, start preparing for an overdose of Revenge awesomeness. "The way that they've progressed from 11 to where we're going to be 15 and then where we end up at 22 is just, you know, if the prior episodes were any indication, it's just times two. Everything has been turned up to an even higher setting at this point and the stakes are so high because everything has kind of hit the wall at this point." Color us excited.

Finally, we leave you with this tease from Mann, which has us speculating and theorizing like crazy: "There are of a couple of hook-ups that are going to be so major. I can't say anymore." Gabriel Mann, master of the Revenge tease. 

Revenge airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Are you excited for Revenge's midseason return tonight? Who would you like to see hook up in the Hamptons? Who do you think is the murdered and the murderer in episode 15? Sound off in the comments!

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