Katy Perry, Russell Brand


So much for Katy Perry's teenage dream…

And for those of you hibernating during the holidays, you'll be oh-so-sad to learn the biggest shocker of the New Year—Russell Brand filed for divorce from his wife of 14 months.

So, amidst rumors of his wandering eye and her hard partying ways, what's the real deal with this couple?

And why do our sources tell us Russell and Katy were possibly doomed from the beginning?

For starters, let's talk how these two hardly began as a perfect pair. Her hard-core Christian upbringing coupled with his (previously) hard-partying ways made the duo an unusual couple from the start.

But while there may have been no affairs to spark the divorce, we hear challenges started for the twosome when Russell began getting chatty with some women he met in recovering-alcoholic meetings.

According to our source, who has witnessed Mr. Brand in action, the dude struts into alcohol-recovery rooms "like a scene out of Arthur."

And while most celebs lie totally low during their post-rehab days, Brand was "always trying to make a scene," spilled our source.

As for Russell and women in general?

"He was totally flirting it up," admitted another Brand source, who has first-hand accounts of witnessing the über-talented Brit.

But hey, let's not only look to Russell for bustup explanations. Because while we think Ms. Perry's totally fab, but could she not be quite the immaculate girl she seems?

Details of a prenump are still unclear, but since Perry raked in $45 mil this past year, gal has more to lose than just her good-girl reputation.

So, who's to blame for the demise of this wacky union?

What say you, Awful readers?

We're predicting one messy divorce—perhaps even crazier than the marriage itself.

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