Source: Justin Timberlake Taking Elton John Movie Offer "Very Seriously"

After Elton said J.T. was his No. 1 choice for his life biopic, we had to ask Camp Timberlake if he was interested

By Ted Casablanca, John Boone Jan 04, 2012 1:00 PMTags
Elton John, Justin TimberlakeJamie McCarthy/; Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Well, our dreams of Justin Timberlake bringing "sexy" back to the music biz probably won't happen anytime soon. At least not for tunes that don't come hand-in-hand with a big-screen feature.

Like say, that Elton John biopic, Rocketman?! Well, that is if Elton has his way. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Elton revealed that Timberlake is "No. 1 on [his] wish list," gushing that J.T. "played me before and was superb."

So is Justin ready to get his "Tiny Dancer" on?

Stand by, because a very official response will be coming from Camp Timberlake momentarily.

"Justin is taking it very seriously," a source close to the singer-turned-thespian tells us. "He's working with his people to figure out exactly how to respond."

Well we've got the answer for you, Justin: hell yes! We've only been saying it since, like, forever.

We know J.T. is way into the big screen business these days and after a so-so (which is being generous) showing with his latest movie, In Time, the Elton pic could be exactly what Justin needs to be considered more for his acting by say...the Academy!

Because the movie already has tons of Oscar-baiting staples: It's written by Oscar winner Lee Hall (Billy Elliot), it's in the same "surreal" vein as Oscar-nominated Moulin Rouge! (though Elton confirmed director Baz Luhrmann isn't attached), and it's based off real-life events—specifically a gay man who dabbled in drugs and rehab, all of which are definite Academy faves.

Oh, and if playing out some guy-on-guy action has Justin second guessing the role, remember, J.T., that you'd be playing bisexual. Elton was engaged twice and married once (for like two seconds) to women, after all.

Heck, as Elton said, Justin already played him in his music video "This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore." So the research for the role should be fairly easy.

The only problem we see is Justin's increasingly busy filming schedule, as he's signed on to play a record label honcho in Spinning Gold and was offered the role of Dave Van Ronk in the next Coen Brothers film.

But we assume he can make some time for Elton John, of all people.

If not, maybe Darren Criss can? Robert Pattinson?